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How to participate

Take a bottle and fill it with water. Write positive words like love and peace on the bottle. In this way you give positive energy to the water. You may also paint the bottle.


That  simple!


On September 21, this is World Peace Day, take the bottle with you to the sea, to a lake, a fountain, a ditch, pond or canal (and if none of this is close to a tree or plant). Take the bottle in your hands and say the words you have written on the bottle, then empty the bottle on the watercourse you chose.

Together we are stronger !

Date 21-09-2022 at 13.00 of your country. 
In the case you want to join with other people, a number of central points will be announced, along September 2022, per country on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok #messageonabottleproject …so you can gather with several people.


Let´s change the world now!

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